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Michigan Singer/Songwriter Brett Mitchell, along with his band, the giant GHOST, are creating quite a buzz in the midwest.  In 2006 and 2008, Brett won Artist of the Year from Saginaw's Review Magazine and DStreet Entertainment.  Brett, born (too late) and raised in Midland, MI, provides vocals & electric/acoustic guitar.  Lead guitarist, Rick Manges, from Midland, provides the wail factor while Mike Cramton, a Saginaw, MI native, supplies tender vocal harmonies and the best in percussion support.  Bill Hall, also from Saginaw, MI, adds his amazing bass intuition, completing the fantastically tight and mesmerizing Brett Mitchell sound.  Brett’s voice will capture you and not let go. The versatility of this band is the reason Brett Mitchell's schedule is always full.  They play Brett's originals and often the classics that inspired Brett to write.  They can play a songwriter show, a lounge, a rockin' night at the bar or a festival and the set list is always fine tuned and perfect for the occasion.   Brett’s heartfelt and sincere songwriting draws you in and the phenomenal live show, whether showcasing a ballad or a rocker, is literally riveting.

"Your bass player has good moves!"  Mark Farner, Grand Funk Railroad

“You and your band are one of the best I have seen since I have been back from Los Angeles.” Jeff Amato, Independent Music Promotion Executive VIS*ABILITY

"Brett Mitchell & the giant GHOST is a TIGHT BAND.  Brett is really great with a crowd -  a PRO".  Martin Atkins, author of Tour Smart and drummer for groups Public Image Ltd. (with Johhny Rotten), Ministry, Pigface, and Killing Joke.

“Born Too Late” is a Top Ten Finalist in Moody Blues member Mike Pinder's Songwars Competition. Mike said Brett Mitchell’s song Born Too Late “was well crafted, with creative and catchy lyrics. I dug the whole thing.”

Small House won DStreet’s 2008 Entertainment Critic's Choice Award for Best CD.

"Neighbors" and “Onion” from Small House are licensed for Roadtrip Nation's Miami and Australia trips’ dvds available for purchase at  "Empty Hearted" from {Stereo} was licensed for an episode, as well.  Buy the Roadtrip Nation 2008 CD mix on iTunes.  We support the Green RV!

Born Too Late, the new video from Small House, won the Music Mix USA video contest and was picked up for national broadcast.  It was also selected by Live Music Media ( for broadcast on Homegrown TV in the New York City greater area, and by IndimusicTV for broadcast on WLNY New York.  It was also chosen for the Digifest competition in Florence, Italy. 

Feb. 2009 review of Small House from   "Midland, Michigan native Brett Mitchell is creating a fair amount of buzz in the Midwest. Honest, insightful songwriting buoyed by a great melodic sense lift his second album, Small House, to soaring heights. Compared to the likes of Marshall Crenshaw and artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Mitchell certainly makes an impression on listeners. With a talented backing band (The giant GHOST), Mitchell crafts a sound that is at once familiar and original. Small House opens with Born Too Late, a fun little rock anthem regretting the accident of birth known as time. It’s a hindsight is 20/20 song with a great hook and a melody that will stick in your brain. Small House is a wonderfully melodic pop tune with an almost virally infectious sound. Friend takes on a darker, more acoustic sound on its way to a moment of pop near-perfection. Mitchell opens things up a bit on New Disease, an infectious guitar-rock tune you’ll want to put on continuous play. Hypocrite is another personal favorite, infusing funk and soul into an amazing pop creation. This is the best song on the album, but several others are close (Small House, New Disease). OCD is a deliciously demented waltz you have to hear to believe, while Night Glasses is a lovely epic story in music that highlights Mitchell’s ability to tell dark stories in the world of mostly peppy popular music. Mitchell reaches down deep and serves up Consider Me Gone, a Bob Dylan sound-alike. You’ll also want to check out Neighbors, Good Intentions and Onion. Brett Mitchell brings a wonderfully melodic sense to his songwriting that is almost British in nature. Mitchell’s distinctive voice and organic arrangements combine to create songs that are literally works of beauty. Small House is a wonderful surprise and very much deserves to be heard. If you make just one foray onto the World Wide Web this week to check out new music, make sure Brett Mitchell is at the top of your list."

"Brett Mitchell, the Midland-based singer-songwriter recently released his "Small House" album, chock full of solidly written, expertly produced tunes that span rock, pop and folk.  I look at him as kind of a rootsy version of Marshall Crenshaw, a lot of pop hooks and very well written, very well produced stuff ...great witty lyrics, by the way, on the clever opening track, Born Too Late, definitely worth the listen.  New Disease, as well as Last Chance, (are) two really good songs, very different and at the same time New Disease has a nice rock feel to it, kind of a love song, in a way...he’s definitely an up and comer!...I've described Brett Mitchell as one of Michigan's most promising singer-songwriters, a sincere, 28-year-old guy who adroitly incorporates pop and rock elements from the past into impressive, rootsy, catchy, sometimes folksy songs. The lead track from his latest album, "Small House," is appropriately dubbed "Born Too Late," which sort of sums up his musical approach." -John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press

"The Midland singer-songwriter, Brett Mitchell, returns with a gorgeously produced CD that rocks impressively on "Born Too Late," "New Disease" and "Last Chance," and turns tender and warm on "Friend" and "Good Intentions." West Michigan Artists

"Brett Mitchell croons his songs, even under pop-rock and country circumstances. His organic arrangements forego the bombastic, heavily-produced sound and focus on the "musicians in a studio" approach, even though a lot of the instruments were played by him on multiple tracks. Accessing different sounds and musical styles, he does play well with the few others on the album, and though not particularly wordy in his lyrics, gets across everything he needs to. Engineered by Andy Reed and mastered by GBP Studios in Lansing, the recording is clear and sweet, relaying the well written music without drowning it in experimentation or over-polishing." - Ryan Cunningham, Grand Rapids Recoil Magazine

"Brett Mitchell combines a vintage Rockabilly sound with a dash of Pop alla 80´s Rick Springfield." BrettMitchell&theGs
-IndiMusic TV New York

Brett's a singer/songwriter/guitarist and drummer. Watch him beat the skins with musician friends Dave Kellan and Jake Krull:

Brett and his band, the giant GHOST, have entertained in 9 Midwestern states at such venues as The Ark and the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI, The Magic Stick in Detroit, Hopcat and Founder´s in Grand Rapids, MI casinos: Leelanau Sands and Little River Casino, The Bluebird Café in Nashville, Birdy´s and Radio Radio in Indianapolis, The Annex and The National Underground in NYC, The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, The Gate House on Mackinaw Island, Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY and at many festivals including the Midwest Music Summit and the MPMF, sharing the stage with Moby, Locksley, Domestic Problems, The Dirty Americans, Eddie from Ohio, Pop Evil and many, many more talented musicians.


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