Small House

by Brett Mitchell

Released 2007
Released 2007
A pop rock & folk album full of left turns from upbeat electric rock with catchy licks to acoustic whims, in the stylings of Brendan Benson, Beatles, Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Tweedy.
From the opening synthesizer line of Brett Mitchell's Small House, you know that this is music written by someone who understands pop—not trash pop, but up-beat, radio-friendly, fun pop. From the palm muted guitars to the catchy riffs, from the hook-based choruses to the perfectly harmonized back-up vocals, this album is pop through and through...Mitchell's strong voice and excellent songwriting combine to make him a powerful front man...The gorgeous recording quality allows you to appreciate the musicianship at its fullest, while the fairly wide variety in song styles keeps you interested from start to finish... Silas Durocher,

Mitchell's strong voice and excellent songwriting combine to make him a powerful front man.

"Mitchell can swing sweet and soft but he can rock yer socks off, too! And what a colorful musical landscape Brett creates on this disc. He's the post-modern Georgia O'Keefe of rock n' roll. Painting his songs with such vibrancy and erotic tension while still evoking a quiet beauty in the music. This is an artist in transition, maturing and reaching his enormous potential while still achieving balance and centeredness..." -Bo White, Saginaw's White's Bar

"Brett Mitchell, the Midland-based singer-songwriter recently released his "Small House" album, chock full of solidly written, expertly produced tunes that span rock, pop and folk. I look at him as kind of a rootsy version of Marshall Crenshaw, a lot of pop hooks and very well written, very well produced stuff ...great witty lyrics, by the way, on the clever opening track, Born Too Late, definitely worth the listen. New Disease, as well as Last Chance, (are) two really good songs, very different and at the same time New Disease has a nice rock feel to it, kind of a love song, in a way...he's definitely an up and comer!.." John Sinkevics from The Grand Rapids Press on WYCE's Local Resonance radio program

"The Midland singer-songwriter, Brett Mitchell, returns with a gorgeously produced CD that rocks impressively on "Born Too Late," "New Disease" and "Last Chance," and turns tender and warm on "Friend" and "Good Intentions." West Michigan Artists

"Brett Mitchell croons his songs, even under pop-rock and country circumstances. His organic arrangements forego the bombastic, heavily-produced sound and focus on the "musicians in a studio" approach, even though a lot of the instruments were played by him on multiple tracks. Accessing different sounds and musical styles, he does play well with the few others on the album, and though not particularly wordy in his lyrics, gets across everything he needs to. Engineered by Andy Reed and mastered by GBP Studios in Lansing, the recording is clear and sweet, relaying the well written music without drowning it in experimentation or over-polishing." - Ryan Cunningham, Grand Rapids Recoil Magazine